Our team

  • Robert

    The big heart. “You’re crazy my dear, you must go to Berlin.” After his studies in the green heart of Germany and later Austria’s capital, he followed that inexplicable urge to further shape himself at a place that breathes life more intensely, Berlin. He’s been happy since. Especially with the fact that Berlin has two airports. Still. (sigh..)

    But what still makes him very happy is the small company he runs with his family:
  • Tuan

    The relentless optimist. “I’ve been working in the industry for so long, I can teach dinosaurs how to create and run lean and agile systems.” Having grown up in the heart of a still divided city, he now lives happily with his beautiful wife in one of the greener and quieter neighborhoods of modern Berlin.

    Being very experienced in the management of technical systems, the main focus of his professional life has been production management and the planning and control of customer orders. Talents that he developed further by founding various ventures of his own.
  • Enrico

    The adventurer. “Leaving the house is like opening the window, just more intense.” Having lived in East and Central Africa as well as Southeast Asia and the Middle East for more than 15 years, he has in-depth knowledge of conflict dynamics, development cooperation, and strategic communications.

    In this context, he advises the management of several companies operating in North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and East and Central Africa. co-founded companies in the fields of mining, energy, software, civil engineering and health, patented multiple technologies, and gained extensive experience while working for emerging companies as well as for blue chips.

    Some current activities to strengthen social communication structures for peacebuilding in the Sahel region can be found here:
    Narrative management
  • Matthias

    The realist. “Make love, not war.” Someone who’s holding onto a book not just for references. Having seen two opposite sites of this beautiful world, he has for years been living with one leg in Africa, while the other is in a beautiful wine producing area of Germany.

    His extensive expertise in the fields of security, development cooperation and strategic communication gives him a comprehensive understanding of the current challenges in a hybrid world:
    Project Lighthouse Africa e.V.